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Monroe High School welcomes parents, relatives, and neighbors to join the staff and be a part of Monroe’s school community. Participation is encouraged and leads to a closer relationship with Monroe’s staff and students and a better understanding of the high school. Monroe values the time and skills volunteers bring to the school.

One way to participate is the Monroe Booster Club. Its members promote all Monroe activities, both academic and athletic. Made up of parents, alumni, community members, faculty, and administration, members gather enthusiasm to enhance our children’s high school experience. You can find Booster Club members fundraising by serving at the snack bar during sporting events, keeping personal items secure at dances, hosting the senior farewell party at Grad Night, helping college bound graduates with scholarships, making memories at a child/parent dance, and more.

Your ideas and participation, large or small, contribute to the success of these and other events. The more members participating, the larger contribution the Booster Club can make. Come join us, meet other parents, and get to know your child’s school better. Your participation does make a difference.

Every second Tuesday each month,
7:00 PM in the Library
Membership Fee: 
$10.00 per person
$15 per family