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Vision & ESLRs

Vision:  Monroe HS is committed to developing and motivating every student to achieve academic and personal success.  Through a rigorous academic program, personalized relationships, and relevant meaningful connections to the outside world, Monroe High School will prepare all students to excel and achieve.  Monroe HS will prepare all students to function effectively in a technological, multilingual, and multicultural world; to develop communication and problemsolving skills; to work productively in collaboration with others; and to become responsible and valuable members of society.  

Expected Outcomes for Student Learning: ESLRs

Monroe High School generates GRADUATES who:

Demonstrate Excellence

Our students will:

·    Display a commitment to their own learning, advancement, and attainment of academic, professional, and personal goals.

·    Apply their own unique perspectives and cultures to generate innovative and effective solutions to problems.

·    Continually practice self-reflection and identify areas of strength and focus on developing areas in need of improvement.



Monroe High School develops GRADUATES who are

Actively Aware of & Dedicated to Community Service

Our students strengthen their ethical and moral character as they explore concepts of equity and cultural inclusion through:

·    Dedication to and active participation in local, state, and national communities and institutions.

·    Commitment to environmental, social, and civic initiatives that improve society.

·    Strengthening our education, health, and social justice system.


Monroe High School develops GRADUATES who are

Prepared to Face the Demands of 21st Century Colleges & Workplace

Our students are able to construct and comprehend meaning using adaptable skills in new and different learning environments as recognized in their ability to:

  • Utilize analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop novel and effective workplace and collegiate solutions.
  • Collaborate with multi-generational, multi-cultural stakeholders across networks.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication and current technological skills.
  • Take pride and ownership in self-directed and self-initiated learning.