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Parent Tools: (Part 1) Ten Actions All Parents Can Take To Help Eliminate Bullying

Bullying Special Edition, copyright 2012, www.education.com/bullying

The latest research shows that one in three children is directly involved in bullying as a perpetrator, victim, or both. And many of those who are not directly involved witness others being bullied on a regular basis. No child is immune— kids of every race, gender, grade and socio-economic sector are impacted. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As parents we have the power to help reduce bullying. Here are Education.com’s top ten actions you can take to help address bullying:

1. Talk with and listen to your kids—everyday. Research shows that adults are often the last to know when children are bullied or bully others. You can encourage your children to buck that trend by engaging in frequent conversations about their social lives. Spend a few minutes every day asking open ended questions about who they spend time with at school and in the neighborhood, what they do in between classes and at recess, who they have lunch with, or what happens on the way to and from school. If your children feel comfortable talking to you about their peers before they’re involved in a bullying event, they’ll be much more likely to get you involved after.
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Recursos Para Padres: (Parte 1) Diez acciones que los padres deben tomar para enfrentar la intimidación

Fuente: Education.com Bullying Special Edition, copyright 2012 http://www.education.com/topic/school-bullying-teasing/
Guest Editors: Shelley Hymel, PhD, Amanda Nickerson, PhD, & Susan Swearer, PhD

Las últimas investigaciones muestran que más de la mitad de los niños son, al menos en ocasiones, directamente implicados en la intimidación ya sea como autor, como víctima, o ambas cosas; y muchos de los que no participan directamente son testigos de alguien que es intimidado regularmente. Ningún niño es inmune; niños de todas las razas, géneros, grados y sectores socio- económicos son afectados. Sin embargo, no tiene que ser de esta manera. Como padres tenemos el poder de reducir la intimidación. Aquí están las diez acciones que Education.com dice que puede tomar para reducir la intimidación:

1. Hable y escuche a sus hijos todos los días. Investigaciones muestran
que los padres suelen ser los últimos en saber cuando sus hijos han sido
autores o victimas de intimidación. Usted puede ayudar a sus hijos a reducir este riesgo con la participación frecuente en las conversaciones sobre su vida social. Dedique unos minutos cada día a preguntarles con quién pasan tiempo en la escuela y en su vecindario; lo que hacen en las clases y durante el recreo; con quién comen su almuerzo o lo que sucede en el camino hacia o de regreso de la escuela. Si su niño se siente cómodo hablando con usted acerca de sus compañeros antes de que esté implicado en un caso de intimidación, será mucho más probable que lo involucre en la situación después.
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2017-2018 Exciting Monroe News

* We are Under Construction! The completion of our $13 million Robotics Lab, Digital Woodshop, and Media Center is moving along swiftly with an expected opening date of August 2018.
* Along with our new buildings, we are getting a state of the art Conference Center that we are excited to unveil.
* Monroe welcomes our New Fire Academy Magnet, opening up August of 2018. If you didn't get your application in during the first round, late applications will be accepted in February, 2018.
* Monroe's award-winning JROTC Program continues to be in high demand, providing community service all over Los Angeles.
* Monroe welcomes Ms. Lombard-Conley our new, full-time College Empowerment Counselor. Drop by G-1 to say hello and get started on your future. It's never to soon!
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Vikings Kenneth Bautista and Julio Hernandez are on Fire!!

For the past 10 Tuesdays these two young men have been traveling after school to the Frank Hotchkins Memorial Training Center in downtown LA, where they have received training from the Los Angeles Fire Department to become official LAFD Cadets. Aside from being a member of our Engineering and Design program (Bautista) and a catcher for our Viking Baseball team (Hernandez) they've worked hard, studied, practiced, and trained both at School and with the LAFD.

Now they are assigned to Station 87, near Balboa and Devonshire, to work hand in hand with all the Firefighters there. If an emergency call comes in they can ride on the Engine/Ambulance/Ladder truck to assist. They will also be training young students from the community.

Congratulations to these two young men. They are proof that dedication and commitment can take you a long way!
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Viking Football Moves on to Next Round of Playoffs!

Congratulations to Varsity Football as they move on to the next round of playoffs!
Thursday, November 2nd, the Monroe Vikings took on the Contreras Cobras in a game that felt like chilly stalemate overlooking the bright lights of Los Angeles. Shortly after halftime, the Vikings took control of the board and never looked back. In a series of plays that drove us to the final score of 27-6, the Vikings stepped up their game and took the win. The next stop for the Vikings is Santee High School on Friday, November 17th. We are looking forward to seeing the Vikings in action again!
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Way to Go, Cross-Country!!

Congratulations to the Boys' and Girls' Cross-Country teams for defeating Poly HS yesterday. Pedro Valencia continues to remain undefeated in league with his win yesterday, October 19th, in the Boys Varsity Race. Nathally Ceja won the Girls Varsity Race and led a sweep for the Lady Vikings. In the Girls Frosh/Soph Race, Naydelin Chimil led the girls to a perfect sweep and Steve Acosta won the Boys Frosh/Soph Race, after swapping the lead with Poly's Frosh/Soph leader.
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A very special congratulation goes out to the Monroe Engineering and Design Robotics Team!!! They competed against 26 of the best robotics teams at the Ventura County Regional competition and came out as the tournament champions with FIRST PLACE!! This qualifies them for the state championship in the spring. If this isn't enough, they also broke the WORLD RECORD for the most points in one match scoring 308 points. This is quite an accomplishment because there are over 10,000 teams in more than 33 countries. Then they broke their own world record AGAIN scoring 315 points later in the competition!

We are very PROUD of our Monroe Engineering and Design Robotics Team - good luck at Granada Hills Charter High School this weekend!
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Parent Information on Monroe's Student Laptop Program

Monroe is pleased to announce that 600 students who returned the signed authorization forms will receive laptops on Thursday, April 16- bringing the total number of distributed laptops to 1100+. This move will allow students to extend their learning beyond the school day and will allow you to actively participate in your student’s learning. Please click on the enclosed link for more information and or to preview required signature forms. Please be advised that if you return a completed application/form packet to Brenda in A5, your name will be added to receive a laptop on the next distribution date. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Mr. Rosas or Ms. Parker (818) 830 - 4222.
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Monroe Receives a 6-Year WASC Accreditation

Many thanks to the parents, faculty, and students, whose efforts earned Monroe a 6-Year WASC Accreditation with a one day mid-term visit. We appreciate your hard work and dedication each and everyday. We look forward to working together in 2013-14 to create another outstanding year of opportunities and achievements for all Monroe students. For a copy of the WASC self-study document, please see us in A10.
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WASC Accreditation

This March, Monroe will undergo a 6-year WASC Accreditation Review. This four-day review will showcase our accomplishments in providing effective, engaging instruction in the classroom and will analyze how well Monroe students are learning. To prepare for the WASC review, Monroe is currently undertaking a 'self-study' process. All faculty and staff are members of a designated 'focus group' and members of a 'home group'. Focus groups and home groups will be meeting on a regular basis to participate in this self study. Please click on the link provided to view focus group assignments and a schedule of meetings you are asked to attend. Please see Ms. Parker for more information.
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